Import Modules

In order to be able to import data from arbitrary data sources, ImageLab offers to integrate user-defined import programs. These import programs are stand-alone programs which comply to the USM definition of ImageLab. They can be integrated into the menu structure of ImageLab to allow seamless operation.

Currently the following instruments and data formats are supported:

In order to install a new import filter please follow the following steps:

How To:
  1. Unpack all files in the ZIP archive which contains the import filter files and copy them to the script folder of ImageLab (the script folder can be determined by opening the "Setup/Preferences" window).
  2. Close ImageLab
  3. After restarting ImageLab the new import command should be available in the menu "File/Import Data"
Please note that the installation of new import filters supplied by Epina is automatically performed when updating your ImageLab copy. The installation procedure described above has to be carried out only in the case you wrote an import filter at your own.

Last Update: 2020-Apr-23