Import: Menlo THz Data

Command: File > Import Data > Menlo Systems THz Image

The import of data of Menlo Systems THz images is straightforward.1

How To:
  1. Click the command "File > Import Data > Menlo Systems THz Data"
  2. Click the button "Select Data File" and select the data file to be imported.
  3. Select whether you want to convert the time domain data into the corresponding power spectrum. Set the max. frequency of the power spectrum.2
  4. Optionally, enter or edit the author, the name and the description of the sample.
  5. Click the "Import Data" button

(1) If you have a similar instrumental setup and you need to import your image data, please contact Epina. In many cases we can help you to get your data into Epina ImageLab.
(2) Restricting the max. frequency of the spectrum to a meaningful value reduces the size of the data cube.