Import: Cameca/IONTOF BIF6 Files

Command: File > Import Data > BIF6 Format

This import filter supports the import of data from Cameca or IONTOF SIMS instruments stored in BIF6 format. Please note that the BIF6 format does not support the transfer of additional information beyond mass ranges. Thus you have to edit the imported data if you want to have captions othe than the default ones for the individual layers (use the description window to edit the layer captions). By default, Epina ImageLab assigns the corresponding central masses to the imported layers.

How To:
  1. Click the command "File>Import Data>BIF 6 Format (IONTOF)"
  2. Click the button "Select Data File" and select the data file to be imported
  3. Tick off the masses which you want import.
  4. Enter the name of the sample and the author.
  5. Optionally tick off "Mirror Y Axis" if you want the imported data to be displayed upside down.
  6. Click the "Import Data" button