ILabPascal - Special Data Types [N..R]

In addition to the standard data types of ILabPascal the scripting engine provides several predefined data types which are specifically needed in some function calls.

Declaration Explanation & Details
TNameStrType = string[50]; Defines string type used for column headers.
TOrientation = (orVert, orHoriz); Defines the two orientations or axes (vertical and horizontal).
TPartProps = (ppSize, ppClassIx, ppXPos,
ppYPos, ppLeftEdge, ppRightEdge, ppBottomEdge,
ppTopEdge, ppCenterX, ppCenterY, ppPC1LdX,
ppPC1LdY, ppLength, ppWidth,
ppDirection, ppRelevance)
ppSize size of region (number of pixels)
ppClassIx class number of the particle
ppXPos, ppYPos the x and y coordinates of one of the pixels
ppLeftEdge, ppRightEdge,
ppBottomEdge, ppTopEdge
circumscribing rectangle (parallel to the axes)
ppCenterX, ppCenterY x and y coords of center of gravity
ppPC1LdX, ppPC1LdY x and y loading for main axis of the particle
ppLength, ppWidth length and width of the particle
ppDirection direction of the main axis
ppRelevance relevance of classification
TPeakParamsList = array of TGaussPeakParams; Declares the list of peak parameters used by the function CreateGaussianPeaks.
TPEHeader = record
              SampleID   : string;
              Description: string;
              NumX       : integer;
              NumY       : integer;
              NumL       : integer;
              xDelta     : double;
              yDelta     : double;
              zDelta     : double;
              x0         : double;
              y0         : double;
              z0         : double;
              xLabel     : string;
              yLabel     : string;
              zLabel     : string;
              wLabel     : string;
              zStart     : double;
              zEnd       : double;
              minData    : double;
              maxData    : double;
Declares the header information of PerkinElmer FSM files (use ReadPerkinElmerHeader to read the header information)
TPoint = record
           X: integer;
           Y: integer;
A point defined by integer coordinates
TPDblArray = array of TPointdouble; Array of points (used for polygons in the world coordinate system)
TPIntArray = array of TPoint; Declares an open array of integer points.
TPlotMode = (pmSurface, pmIsoLines, pmSurfIso); Defines the style of the graphics used to create artificial image stack background photos (see CreateImgStackPhoto for more).
TPointdouble = record
                 X: double;
                 Y: double;
Declares a point using double coordinates.
TPreDefColPals = (cpRainbow, cpBW,cpCycRainbow,
cpGeo, cpHighContrast, cpBipolar, cpFringes, cpBWThreshold,
cpClassColors, cpMorgenStemning);
Defines the predefined color palettes.
TPruneMode = (pmSize, pmClassIx, pmLeftEdge, 
pmRightEdge, pmBottomEdge, pmTopEdge,
pmCenterX, pmCenterY, pmLength,
pmWidth, pmDirection, pmRelevance,
Declares the parameters which can be used as a pruning criterion (see PruneParticles):

pmSize size of region (number of pixels)
pmClassIx class number of the particle
pmLeftEdge, pmRightEdge,
pmBottomEdge, pmTopEdge
circumscribing rectangle (parallel to the axes)
pmCenterX, pmCenterY x and y coords of center of gravity
pmLength, pmWidth length and width of the particle
pmDirection direction of the main axis
pmRelevance relevance of classification
pmAspectRatio aspect ratio of the particle

TRect = record
            Left: Integer;
             Top: Integer;
           Right: Integer;
          Bottom: Integer;
Defines the edges of a rectangle.
TRFEncryptMode = (rfemNoEncryption, rfemPassword, rfemUserLicID, rfemForeignLicID, rfemLicGroup); Defines the encryption mode when saving a random forest model.
TRFReport = record
          RelClsError    : double;
          AvgCE          : double;
          RMSError       : double;
          AvgError       : double;
          AvgRelError    : double;
          OOBRelClsError : double;
          OOBAvgCE       : double;
          OOBRMSError    : double;
          OOBAvgError    : double;
          OOBAvgRelError : double;
Declares the error and quality measures used in random forest models. See the description of the property Report for details