ILabPascal - Special Data Types [M]

In addition to the standard data types of ILabPascal the scripting engine provides several predefined data types which are specifically needed in some function calls.

Declaration Explanation & Details
TMaskCombination = (mcAND, mcOR); Defines the possible logical combinations of bit masks; see CombineMasks
TMaskOp = (moCopy, moAdd, moRemove, moInvert); Declares the mode of operation of the MaskByThreshold function.
TMatlab4DatFormat = (mtl4dfDouble,
mtl4dfSingle, mtl4dfInt32, mtl4dfInt16,
mtl4dfUInt16, mtl4dfUInt8);
Declares the numeric data types supported by MatLab 4
TMatlab4NumFormat = (mtl4nfLittleEndian,
mtl4nfBigEndian, mtl4nfVAXDFloat,
mtl4nfVAXGFloat, mtl4nfCray);
Declares the types of binary number formats supported by MatLab 4
TMatlab5ArrayType = (mtl5atUndefined, mtl5atCellArray,
mtl5atStructure, mtl5atObject, mtl5atCharacterArray,
mtl5atSparseArray, mtl5atDouble, mtl5atSingle,
mtl5atInt8, mtl5atUInt8, mtl5atInt16,
mtl5atUInt16, mtl5atInt32, mtl5atUInt32,
mtl5atInt64, mtl5atUInt64, mtl5atFunction,
mtl5atOpaque, mtl5atObjectFromMatrix);
Declares the types of arrays supported by MatLab 5. Please note that the type mtl5atUndefined had to be declared for syntactical reasons and is actually not supported by MatLab.
TMatlab5DatFormat = (mtl5dtUndefined, mtl5dtInt8,
mtl5dtUInt8, mtl5dtInt16, mtl5dtUInt16,
mtl5dtInt32, mtl5dtUInt32, mtl5dtSingle,
mtl5dtReserved1, mtl5dtDouble, mtl5dtReserved2,
mtl5dtReserved3, mtl5dtInt64, mtl5dtUInt64,
mtl5dtMatrix, mtl5dtCompressed, mtl5dtUTF8,
mtl5dtUTF16, mtl5dtUTF32);
Declares the numeric data types supported by MatLab 5. Please note that the type mtdl5dtUndefined had to be declared for syntactical reasons and is actually not supported by MatLab.
TMatlab5Header = record
       DescriptiveText : string;
       Version         : Int16;
       ByteSwapping    : boolean;
Declares the MatLab 5 header
TMatlab5MatrixInfo = record
       NrOfDims        : integer;
       SizeOfDim       : TIntArray;
       Imaginary       : boolean;
       Global          : boolean;
       Logical         : boolean;
       ClassType       : TMatlab5ArrayType;
       MatrixName      : string;
       Offset          : integer;
       SubElementLevel : integer;
Declares the MatLab 5 matrix description
TMatlab5MatrixInfoArray = array of TMatlab5MatrixInfo; MatLab 5 matrix infos for an array of matrices.
TMScaleType = (stUnknown, stNominal, stOrdinal, stInterval, stRatio); Declares the level of measurement of a variable (= column of the data table).
TMorphKernelType = (mktSquare, mktSpade, mktCircle); Declares the types of supported morphological kernels.
TMouseActMode = (maNone, maPan,
maPanHoriz, maPanVert, maPanGrid,
maRubberBand, maZoom, maZoomWind,
maZoomWindPos, maZoomDrag, maDragCrossH,
maDragLabel, maRotate, maRotAndZoom,
maRotXOnly, maRotZOnly, maSelectRect,
maDrawMTrace, maZoomPanColors);
The type definition TMouseActMode declares the possible mouse actions (please note that not all defined mouse actions are available within Chartbook):

maNone no special action at all
maPan panning the map window
maPanHoriz panning the map window only in horizontal direction
maPanVert panning the map window only in vertical direction
maPanGrid panning the map window along the grid; the shifting distance matches the grid defined by PanGridDx and PanGridDy
maRubberBand displaying a rubberband from the position of the last mouse click to the current mouse position
maSelectRect displaying a rectangular rubberband frame for selection purposes
maZoom zooming into a rectangular region of the data
maZoomWind zooming into a rectangular region of the data
maZoomWindPos zooming into a rectangular region of the data (with automatic correction of axis direction).
maZoomDrag zooming in and out by dragging the mouse
maDragCrossH drag the visible crosshairs
maDragLabel drag the user defined text labels
maRotAndZoom a combination of maRotate and maZoom.
maRotate rotate the data without restriction
maRotXOnly rotate around X-axis
maRotZOnly rotate around Z-axis
maDrawMTrace record the trace of the mouse
maZoomPanColors zoom and pan color scales

TMsgDlgBtn = (mbYes, mbNo, mbOK,
mbCancel, mbAbort, mbRetry, mbIgnore,
mbAll, mbNoToAll, mbYesToAll,
mbHelp, mbClose);
Defines the different types of buttons available in MessageDlg
TMsgDlgButtons = set of TMsgDlgBtn; Declares the set of buttons used in MessageDlg.
TMsgDlgType = (mtWarning, mtError,
mtInformation, mtConfirmation, mtCustom);
Defines the different types of the dialog types used in MessageDlg.