Declaration: CreateImgStackPhoto(StatOp: TStatOp; LayerFrom, LayerTo, TimeSlot: integer; PlotMode: TPlotMode; ColPal: TColorPalette): integer;
Creates an artificial "photo" which can be used as a background photo in the image stack. The photo is automatically calibrated, added and registered to the metadata of the hyperspectral dataset. The parameter StatOp controls the type of the calculated photo and may assume one of the following values:
  soMean ... the mean of the spectral intensities (comparable to the total intensity map)
soStdDev ... the standard deviation of the spetral intensities (comparable to the variance map)
   soMin ... the minimum spectral intensity (comparable to the minimum map)
   soMax ... the maximum spectral intenstity (comparable to the maximum map)
The artificial photo is calculated by processing all pixels of the time slot specified by the parameter TimeSlot. The operator StatOp is applied to all intensities between LayerFrom and LayerTo. The visual appearance of the photo is controlled by the parameter PlotMode which can assume one of the following values:
 pmSurface ... smooth interpolated surface
pmIsoLines ... grayscale isolines
 pmSurfIso ... smooth interpolated surface augmented by isolines
Please note that the isolines are always black to gray, while the surface can be colored by specifying a suitable color palette using the parameter ColPal.
>0 ... everything is OK, the returned number is the index into the photo data array
-1 ... max. number of supported photos exceeded
-2 ... TimeSlot out of range
-3 ... LayerFrom and/or LayerTo out of range
-4 ... the data has not yet been saved (must be saved on disk before performing this action)

Hint: Please note that the ascpect ratio of the generated background photo depends on the system parameter PixelAspectRatio which can be set by the function SetSystemParams (or in the Preferences dialog using the option "Enforce Pixel Aspect Ratio").