ILabPascal - Standard Data Types

ILabPascal supports the following standard data types:

boolean logic value (TRUE or FALSE)
byte 8-bit unsigned integer values (0 to 256)
char 8-bit ASCII character
currency 64-bit fixed point integer divided by 10000 (-922337203685477.5808 to +922337203685477.5807 with a resolution of 0.0001).
double double precision floating point values
extended extended precision floating point values. Please note that in the 64 bit version of Epina ImageLab the data type "extended" is an alias for "double" (which means that 80-bit extended value are not supported at all).
integer 32-bit signed integer values (-2147483648 to +2147483647)
int64 64-bit signed integer values (-9223372036854775808 to +9223372036854775807)
longint synonym to integer
longword unsigned 32 bit integer (0 to 4294967295)
single single precision floating point values
smallint 16-bit signed integer values (-32768 to +32767)
shortint 8-bit signed integer values (-128 to +127)
string concatenation of characters
variant used for variables that can change type at run time. Variants consume more memory than regular variables, and operations on them are slower than on statically bound types. Warning: illicit operations on variants can result in run-time errors which may crash Epina ImageLab. This may result in data loss.
word 16 bit unsigned integer (0 to 65535)