Supported Spectral Types

Epina ImageLab supports the following spectral types:

Spectral Type Identifier Explanation
undefined ctUndefined undefined/unknown property type
IR Spectrum ctIRspec IR spectrum
MS Pos. Ions ctMSPos MS positive spectrum (lines)
MS Pos. Raw Data ctMSPosRaw MS positive spectrum (continuous)
MS Neg. Ions ctMSNeg MS negative spectrum (lines)
MS Neg. Raw Data ctMSNegRaw MS negative spectrum (continuous)
MS Single Ions ctMSsim MS single ion monitoring (lines)
Raman Spectrum ctRaman Raman spectrum
UV/VIS/NIR Spectrum ctUvVis UV/VIS/NIR spectrum
Color ctColor individual color
RGB Colors ctRGBcolors red green and blue from a color image
B&W Image ctBwImg black and white image (gray scale 0 255 per pixel)
Pixel Mask ctPixMask pixel mask (deprecated!! masks are managed in an extra structure from version 1.0 upwards)
Physical Property ctPhysProp physical properties
THz Spectrum ctTHzSpec THz spectrum
Impulse ctImpulse impulse over time
OES Raw Data ctOESRaw optical emission spectroscopy (continuous)
OES Lines ctOESsl optical emission spectroscopy (lines)
EDX Lines ctEDX energy dispersive xray (lines)
EDX Raw Data ctEDXRaw energy dispersive xray (continuous)
AFM Data ctAFM atomic force microscope data
IR Lines ctIRdiscrete discrete infrared lines
Class Map ctClassMap classification results
Chemical Map ctChemMap chemical map
Spectral Descriptor ctSpecDesc spectral descriptor
Phase Spectrum ctPhaseSpec phase spectrum
Magnitude Spectrum ctMagSpec magnitude spectrum
Power Spectrum ctPowerSpec power spectrum
LIBS Spectrum ctLibsRaw laser induced breakdown spectroscopy - raw data (continuous spectrum)
LIBS Lines ctLibssl laser induced breakdown spectroscopy - single line data
Time ctTime general time coordinate
invalid type ctInvalid indicates an invalid spectral type