Resampling Images

Command: Tools > Resample > Image

At times it might be useful to reduce the lateral resolution of an image for example to reduce memory requirements, or to bring down spectral noise. The decrease of lateral resolution can be performed by resampling the data. You can specify the reduction factor for both the x and the y-axis (DivX and DivY, respectively) together with an offset which specifies the phase relationship between the original and the resampled data. The offset has a valid range between 0 and DivX-1 (DivY-1).

Please note that the reduction of the lateral resolution results in an improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) if you tick the check box "Average Intensity". This may be helpful in cases where you have only small signal values but more than enough lateral resolution. In general, the SNR increases with the square root of the number of averaged pixels (= DivX * DivY).

The following figure shows a two-dimensional example of resampling:

Hint: Please note that pixel masks can appear quite distorted after resampling because pixel masks are binary by nature and cannot be averaged.