Preferences - Script Editor

Command: Setup > Preferences [Tab "Script Editor"]

The "Preferences" dialog allows to set user preferences and system options and is organized along several pages which can be selected by clicking the corresponding tab sheet:

Script Editor

Script Template The Epina ImageLab script editor can be linked to a default script which is loaded when the "load template script" button is clicked.
Editor Font Allows to select from the available monospaced fonts and to set the size of the characters (in pixels).
Normal Text This color is used for "normal" text (i.e. text which is neither a comment nor a reserved word).
Reserved Words Reserved words which are part of the fundamental syntax of the script language are shown in this color.
Comment Any comment in the script is displayed using this color.
Background The color of the editor background.
Selection The background color used for selected text.
Key Mapping Currently, two different key mappings are defined: the standard windows mapping and the classic mapping which allows to navigate in a script without permanently using the mouse. See the script editor for details.
Right Edge Indicator A gray vertical line is drawn at the character position specified by the right edge indicator. This line is just an auxiliary line to help you to confine your code to a printable width.
Length of Meta Analysis The number of lines which are analysed for meta tags in scripts. Meta tags which are stored beyond this limit are not recognized.