Declaration: TParticles.ParticleParams [PartIx: integer; Param: TPartProps]: double;
The array property ParticleParams provides access to the internal list of particles. The parameter PartIx specifies the particle index (not the particle identifier! - use FindPartID if you need to get the index of a particular particle id). For each particle you can obtain the following information by setting the Param parameter to one of the following values:

ppSize size of region (number of pixels)
ppClassIx class number of the particle
ppXPos, ppYPos the x and y coordinates of one of the pixels
ppLeftEdge, ppRightEdge, ppBottomEdge, ppTopEdge circumscribing rectangle (parallel to the axes)
ppCenterX, ppCenterY x and y coords of the center of gravity
ppPC1LdX, ppPC1LdY x and y loadings for the main axis of the particle
ppLength, ppWidth the length and the width of the particle
ppDirection the direction of the main axis
ppRelevance the relevance of classification; this value is used in connection with classifiers

Hint: In order to access the particles currently loaded in the particle editor you can use the pre-declared global variable PEData.