ILabPascal - Predefined Constants

The following constants are defined as return values of the MessageDlg function:

mrNone0no response
mrOk1user clicked the "OK" button
mrCancel2"cancel" button
mrAbort3"abort" button
mrRetry4"retry" button
mrIgnore5"ignore" button
mrYes6"yes" button
mrNo7"no" button
mrAll8"all" button
mrNoToAll9"no to all" button
mrYesToAll10"yes to all" button


ILabPascal provides a collection of often needed mathematical constants:(1)

uc_e2.718281828459045235360Euler's number e
uc_lg20.301029995663981195214common logarithm of 2
uc_lg50.698970004336018804803common logarithm of 5
uc_lge0.434294481903251827651common logarithm of e
uc_lgPi0.497149872694133854351common logarithm of Pi
uc_ln102.302585092994045684018natural logarithm of 10
uc_ln20.693147180559945309417natural logarithm of 2
uc_lnPi1.144729885849400174143natural logarithm of Pi
uc_PiH1.570796326794896619231Pi/2 (1)
uc_sqrt21.414213562373095048802square root of 2
uc_sqrt2pi2.506628274631000502416square root of 2*Pi
uc_sqrt2pitom10.39894228040143267793991/(square root of 2*Pi)
uc_MaxSingle3.4e38maximum single number
uc_MaxDouble1.7e308maximum double number
uc_MaxExtended1.1e4932maximum extended number
uc_MinSingle1.5e-45minimum single number
uc_MinDouble5.0e-324minimum double number
uc_MinExtended3.6e-4951minimum extended number

Cell states:

The following constants define predefined states of the cells of a TDataTable object. There are 2 user defined flags (csUser1 and csUser2) which can be used for application specific purposes.

Identifier Value Explanation
csNone $00 cell state: none - redundant with csReset
csNAN $01 cell state: not a number; specifies a cell if it contains an invalid number (e.g. infinity, or numbers beyond the numeric range of double precision values)
csUndefined $02 undefined or empty cell
csUser1 $04 user defined cell state
csUser2 $08 user defined cell state
csReadOnly $10 cell is readonly (cannot be edited by the user)
csImputed $20 cell contains imputed data
csMarkedA $40 cell is marked as type A
csMarkedB $80 cell is marked as type B
csAll $FF all cell states combined

The following constants are system-wide constants of Epina ImageLab:

MAXCALIBPOLYORDER6max. order of the calibration polynomial
DT_MAXNOMINALIDS150max. number of supported nominal identifiers in TDataTable
MAXGROUPS4max. number of supported spectral groups
MAXCLASSES127max. number of supported classes
MAXDSETCLASSES25max. number of supported dataset classes
MAXPOLFITORDER10max. order of polynomial fit in CalcPolyFit and CalcCenteredPolyFit
FLAG_MARKFORDEL$80000000flag indicating that a particle is marked for deletion
FLAG_MARKASDONE$40000000flag indicating that a particle is marked as "done"


(1) Please note that for syntactical reasons the numerical value of p (pi = 3.14159...) is not defined as a constant ("uc_pi") but as a function (pi).