Adjusting 2D Image Properties

The setup dialog of the 2D Imager (which can be activated by clicking the setup button in the 2D Imager toolbar) allows to control the parameters of the contour plot, its type, resolution, and colors.

You can adjust the contrast of the image by moving the sliders (dotted vertical lines) across the intensity histogram. The selected color palette is always mapped onto the region between the sliders. The first and the last color are automatically extended to the left and the right of the sliders. Thus you can increase the contrast by narrowing the region between the sliders. The sliders can also be adjusted by using the numeric controls "Low Iso Level" and "High Iso Level".

In some cases the intensity histogram seems to be almost empty. Normally, this is due to a high concentration of pixels in a small intensity range with only a few hundred pixels lying outside this small range. Selecting the "Logarithmic Scale" option may help in this case.

Epina ImageLab provides a list of predefined color palettes:

Color Map
Rainbow The classic one...
Black & White A gray scale color map constituted by a linear relationship between the gray values and the corresponding data value.
Cyclic Rainbow A cyclic color scale (similar to the hue parameter in the hue-saturation-intensity color system); not recommended for general imaging tasks since the lowest and the highest colors are the same.
Geographic A classic topographic color scale as it is used in many geographic maps (blue is the sea level, green to brown are medium to high levels, white are the top levels).
High Contrast A color scale providing a maximum color difference between adjacent ranges.
Bipolar A color scale from blue over white to red using 20 distinct color steps. This creates an isohypses effect without actually calculating the isohypses.
Fringes A strange color scale giving rise to peculiar visual effects.
Threshold A black-yellow color scale with a rather stark contrast between the two colors.
MorgenStemning A color coding supporting users who suffer from a red-green color perception deficiency, see Geissbuehler 2013 for details.
UserDefined Any user-defined scale. User-defined scales can be set up by using the color palette editor.

Hint: The following video shows how to configure the colors and a few basic parameters of hyperspectral images.