Import: Witec Alpha 300 R+

Command: File > Import Data > Witec Alpha 300 R+ (AFM Data)

The Epina ImageLab import filter for Witec instruments uses the export format "Image ASCII" implemented in Witec's Project Four software. This creates the data files which are combined by Epina ImageLab to create the corresponding data cube.

How To:
  1. Select the image scan data to be exported in the Witec project manager (Project Four). Please note that the selected data sets all have to be of the same size (pixels along the x and y axis)
  2. Right click and select "Export / Image ASCII"

  3. Ensure that the "Export Header" is set to "Yes" and the option "Use My File Name" is selected. Enter the desired filename in the box right to the option.

  4. After the export of the data from the Witec software change to Epina ImageLab and click the command "File>Import Data>Witec Alpha 300 R+ (AFM Data)"

  5. Click the button "Select Data File" and select one of the data files you just exported (all the other files will be processed automatically).
  6. Select the background subtraction mode
  7. Optionally, adjust the name of the sample and/or enter a description of it
  8. Click the "Import Data" button

(1) If you have a similar instrumental setup and you need to import your image data, please contact Epina. In many cases we can help you to get your data into Epina ImageLab.