Import: Thermo ICP/OES

Command: File > Import Data > Laser Ablation ICP/OES (iCAP 6000)

The import filter for images obtained by laser ablation in combination with ICP/OES (iCAP 6000) is a proprietory filter specifically developed for the needs of a particular research group (Nischkauer/Limbeck, Vienna University of Technology). If you have a similar instrument and you need to import your image data, please contact Epina.

How To:
  1. Click the command "File>Import Data>Laser Ablation ICP>OES (iCAP 6000)"
  2. Click the button "Read MS Data File (TXT)" and select the data file to be imported
  3. Select the element which occurs at approx. even concentrations in the entire sample (most often this is an ubiquitous element such as carbon)
  4. Set the left and the right boundary of measured data such that all the valid data points are covered (indicated by the yellowish background color)
  5. Set the left and the right intensity threshold. This threshold is used to detect backscans of the instrument and should be set about 10% above the blank signal.
  6. Set the "Probe Mode"
  7. Set the "Scan Direction"
  8. Click the "Import Data" button