Importing IGTIF Data

Command: File > Import Data > IGTIF Format

Epina ImageLab allows to import image data stored in the IGTIF format.

How To:
  1. Click the command File>Import Data>IGTIF Format
  2. Select an IGTIF data file.

In the case of an error the import command returns one of the following error codes:

-001 ... the selected file does not exist or is locked
-002 ... the selected file is not an IGTIF file
-004 ... the content type is not supported
-007 ... one of the required keywords is missing
-008 ... the number of specified x- or y-coordinates does not match the lateral size of the dataset
-009 ... the number of specified time coordinates does not match the number of time slots
-010 ... the number of wavelenths does not match the number of layers
-011 ... the specification of the units is invalid (warning only!)
-012 ... the number of specified layers and the spectral data do not match
-013 ... undefined keyword encountered