Declaration: ImportMultiTiffData (FNames: TStringList; BaseImgIx, PhotoIx : integer; FeedBack: boolean): integer;
Imports multiple images stored in TIFF format into a datacube with multiple time slots. The images may be either black&white, grayscale, or RGB color images. The parameter FNames contains the list of TIFF files (full file pathes). The parameter BaseImgIx controls which of the images is used for the calibration of the data. This image also determines the size of the resulting datacube.

The parameter PhotoIx specifies which of the images is to be used as a background photo (in addition to regularly importing its data). Set PhotoIx to -1 in order to prevent the creation of a background photo.

The parameter Feedback controls whether a visual feedback is provided during the import of the data. Please note that unless the script progress bar is already visible you have to make it visible before calling ImportMultiTiffData, otherwise the feedback will not be displayed. You can activate the script progress bar by calling the function ScriptBar(0).

The function returns the following error codes:

 0 ... everything is OK, the TIFF file has been imported
-1 ... one or more specified files do not exist
-2 ... BaseImgIx out of range (valid range: 0 ... FNames.Count-1)
-3 ... PhotoIx out of range (valid range: -1 ... FNames.Count-1)