Declaration: SetClassColor (clix: integer; color: TColor): integer;
Sets the color of the class clix to the value defined by the parameter color. The parameter clix may assume values between 0 and 127, the parameter color is an integer number between 0 ($000000) and 16777215 ($FFFFFF). The color value is interpreted as an RGB value with R (red) being the least significant byte and B (blue) the most significant byte. The function returns the following error codes:
 0 .... everything OK
-1 ... the value of clix is out of range

Example: The following statement sets the color of class 5 to yellow: SetClassColor (5, $00FFFF);. Alternatively you can use the RGB function to specify the red, green and blue parts of the color separately: SetClassColor (5, RGB(255,255,0));