Declaration: DisplayInfoBox(HTMLCode: string): integer;
Displays the text specified by the parameter HTMLCode in the system info box. The parameter HTMLCode must contain the text to be displayed as an HTML code (just the body part, no header tags required). Please note that the info box is only shown if either the text has changed from the last time the info box has been displayed or the user did not tick off the option "do not display this text next time".

The info box is not a modal window, thus any further script commands will be executed. However, the info box covers all MDI child windows so that the user is forced to read and close it. Typical applications of the info box are one-time infos regarding the script, or a copyright notice.

Example: The statement
DisplayInfoBox ('<h1>Hello World!</h1>'+
      '<p> </p><ul><li>Point 1<li>Point 2</ul>');
produces the following info box: