Declaration: TDataTable.ReadFromASC (FName: string; PosX, PosY: longint; ReplaceIDs: boolean): integer;
The function ReadFromASC reads data from a data source formatted in ASC Format. In contrast to the method ImportASC, the function ReadFromASC allows to position the read data within the existing table.

The parameter FName defines the name of the file to be read (version [1]), the parameter Instream specifies the stream to be read from (version [2]). The parameters PosX and PosY determine the first cell (upper left corner) where to store the read data. The boolean parameter ReplaceIDs determines whether the column and row identifiers, and the measurement scale types are to be replaced by the new ones. Any excess data which do not fit into the data table are discarded.

The method returns the following error codes:

 0 ... everything is OK
-1 ... error in specification of number of features
-2 ... error in specification of number of objects
-3 ... error in ClInf/NamFeat/NamObj flags
-4 ... file probably in UNIX format
-5 ... invalid class information
-6 ... invalid numeric data
-8 ... file not found