Activate the License

Command: Setup > Activate License

Epina ImageLab is fully operational even in the evaluation copy. However, part of the data around the center of the image are replaced by random numbers if you did not install your license. In addition the user is alerted by a short text label (white on red) in the 2D Imager.

In order to activate your license (which has been sent to you by email upon purchase of your Epina ImageLab copy) please follow these steps:

  1. Store the license code (a file having the file extension ".lic" which you received by email) in a temporary directory.
  2. Click the command Setup > Activate License.
  3. Select the stored license file.
  4. Enter the activation password which has been sent to you along with the license code.

After successful activation of your license the current data file is automatically reloaded in order to remove the restrictions.

Removal of an installed license

In the case you need to remove the installed license you have to perform the command Setup > Remove License. This will clear all license related entries and delete the license file from the Epina ImageLab home directory. Please note that the license will be lost unless you created a backup copy of the ".lic" file.

Hint: The activation of the license is shown in a video available on YouTube.