Extending the Raw Data

Command: Tools > Process Raw Data > Extend Data Matrix > ...

You can extend the data cube by using the following commands:

  • Add Columns
  • Add Rows
  • Add Layers
  • Add Time Slots

For columns, rows and time slots you simply specify the new size (in pixels) and click the button "Adjust Columns/Rows/Time Slots". Extending the layers is a bit more complicated, since the layers may be grouped by spectral groups. Depending on the number of existing groups the effects are different:

One existing group: if the specified group number matches the existing group, the existing group is simply extended and the calibration of the added layers is taken from the existing layers. If the specified group is a new group number the added layers are assigned to this group and the calibration is the default calibration (i.e. the "wavelength" equals the running layer index within the spectral group).

More than one existing group: the added layers are always assigned to the specified group number (which must be a new one) and the calibration is the default calibration.