Encryption of a Random Forest Model

Command: Image Analysis > Classification > Random Decision Forest > Designer > Save Model

If you want to restrict the usage of a random forest model in order to protect your know-how you can encrypt the model when storing it. Basically there are three kinds of protection:

  • No encryption: Storing a model without encryption opens the model to everybody who has access to the corresponding file (*.rdfm).
  • Password protection: The user is asked for a password when opening a model file. Please note that Epina ImageLab uses strong encryption which effectively locks you out if you forget the password. There are no tricks to regain the model.
  • License binding: The model can only be loaded when a certain license is active. This can be your own license or a foreign license. Binding a model to a particular license prevents the model from being opened by another user. Thus you can restrict the usage of a model to your own environment. Please be aware of the fact that binding a model to a license will render this model useless for any other users (including yourself, if you bind the model to a foreign license). Thus it is recommended to store a model twice (one time binding it to your license, and another time binding it to the foreign license).
  • License group binding: You can provide access to the model for a group of users belonging to the same license group. Please note that the group "world" contains all Epina ImageLab users worldwide. Thus you can allow all users worldwide to use your model by specifying the group "world".

When clicking the "Save Model" button the following dialog shows up where you can specify the name and path of the model as well as the encryption mode:

Hint: A user can obtain his or her license ID by right-clickíng the About Box of Epina ImageLab.