Database Introduction

The spectral database system supplied with ImageLab supports the systematic maintenance of all kinds of spectra. Technically speaking a database can contain data of all kinds of spectroscopic techniques. However, we do not recommend to put all kind of spectra into a single database. A better way to go is to use different databases, each containing only a particular type of spectra.

The user interface of the database is organized around three main parts of the database window:

  1. The top pane displays the list of available Database Entries
  2. At the bottom left the most important meta data on the database and the database index are shown
  3. At the bottom right the spectral data is displayed

List of database entries: this list can be configured by selecting different views of it (select from the "View" control) and by narrowing down the list by specifying a filter expression.

Last Update: 2019-Nov-18