ILabPascal - Global Variables

ILabPascal provides a few public variables which are globally available throughout a script and which need not to be declared by the user (they are automatically declared by ILabPascal and are initialized during program startup):

MData TMetaData Access the metadata of the currently loaded dataset.
SPDCData TSpdcSet Gives access to the spectral descriptors currently loaded in the Spectral Descriptor Editor.
PEData TParticles Gives access to the particle data currently loaded in the Particle Editor.
SCData TSpecCollection Gives access to the spectra of the spectral collection currently loaded in the Spectral Collection Editor.
ChartBook TChartBook Provides access to the ImageLab Chartbook which is tool to display x-y plots along with data tables and unformatted text.
MMOutPut TMemo Provides access to the output panel at the bottom right of the Script Editor.
Application TApplication Provides access to the ImageLab process on an operating system label. Be careful to use it because accessing the Application instance might cause unexpected and potentially dangerous results.


Last Update: 2018-Aug-14