Spectral Descriptor Editor

Command: Editors > Spectral Descriptor Editor

The spectral descriptor editor is a tool which allows to specify and compile a set of spectral descriptors. The left pane serves to select the type of descriptor and to set its parameters. The image resulting from the current descriptor is displayed at the lower right, the list of already defined descriptors is shown in the upper right half. In order to add a new descriptor to the list, first set its parameters and then click the plus button in the task bar. Likewise, a selected descriptor can be deleted by clicking the minus button. If you want to fill the list with equally spaced descriptors you can use the Spectral Descriptor Generator (click the "Generate Descriptors" button ). Virtual descriptors can be defined by clicking the virtual descriptor button () and enter the corresponding formula.

The definition of the currently available spectral descriptors can be found in the section Predefined Spectral Descriptors.


How To: Please follow these steps to define one or more spectral descriptors:
  1. Start the spectral descriptor editor either by clicking the button or by selecting the menu item "Preprocessing/Edit Spectral Descriptors".
  2. Select your preferred type of spectral descriptor from the selection bar at the top left.
  3. Adjust the parameters of the descriptor by dragging the cursors in the spectral window
  4. Add the descriptor to the list of descriptors by clicking the button ("Add Descriptor")
  5. After adding a descriptor to the list of descriptors its default caption can be edited and it can be assigned to a particular color palette by double clicking the corresponding line of the list.
  6. Save the list of descriptors when all required descriptors have been specified.

Hint: For creating a set descriptors covering the entire spectrum by regularly spaced descriptors of the same type you can utilize the "Generate Descriptors" button .