Class T2DArrayStack

The class T2DArrayStack provides a stack structure of mixed-size two-dimensional arrays of double precision numbers. The arrays pushed on the stack can be of different sizes. Further, T2DArrayStack supports to store names along with the arrays. Thus arrays on the stack can be retrieved not only by the classical push/pop mechanism but can also be accessed via their names and the respective stack addresses.

The property MaxSize determines the maximum length of the stack. If you put more than MaxSize arrays on the stack, the Push method will be ignored. The last array can removed from the stack by the Pop method. You can find a particular matrix on the stack by its name using the method FindByName. This returns the stack index which can then be used to copy this matrix into a two-dimensional array by using the method CloneArray. The corresponding name can be retrieved by the property ArrayName.

The feature matrix can be manipulated using the following properties and methods: