Declaration: TSpdcSet.FindSpdcNormalized (DescName: string): integer;
The method FindSpdcNormalized searches the set of descriptors for a descriptor having the normalized name1 DescName. If a descriptor exists which matches the specified name the index of this descriptor is returned (range 1 to NumSpdcs), otherwise the function returns a zero value. The search for the descriptor name is not case sensitive. Please note that the parameter DescName has to contain a normalized name, otherwise it won't be found by this method.

Hint: In order to directly access the currently loaded spectral descriptors (those which are displayed in the Spectral Descriptor Editor) you can use the pre-declared global variable SPDCData.

1 A normalized descriptor name does not contain any leading zeros in the running number part of the name. For example the normalized name of 'DC00048' is 'DC48'.

Last Update: 2019-Jun-21