Import: Recendt Scanning THz Spectrometer

The import filter "THz Linz" has been developed in cooperation with K. Wiesauer and H. Pühringer of the THz imaging group at Recendt (Linz, Austria). The import filter is specifically designed to import data from their THz imgaging system.(1) The data is stored in ASCII text format containing some basic specifications (e.g. the position of the pixel, or the resolution of the spectrum) followed by the actual data. Each pixel of an image is stored as a separate text file. All the text files which together define an image have to be stored in the same folder or subfolders of it. The most fundamental information on the data files has to be specified in a declaration file called "idata_filestruct.txt' (see below).

How To: Please follow these steps to import the data:
  1. Click the button "Load THz Declaration File"
  2. Select the data declaration file "idata_filestruct.txt" of the image data to be imported
  3. Enter the name of the sample and an optional description of the data
  4. If appropriate, select the temperature, pressure, and humidity as additonal data to be imported.
  5. Click the button "Import Data" to actually import the data and create the HSI data file.

Structure of the image data declaration file

The structure declaration file is, by default, stored in the prefined text file "idata_filestruct.txt". The first line has always It consists of several lines which specify the following properties of the data:
$ILAB$ - THz File Structure
# any comment
NumX: 20
NumY: 20
NumR: 1
NumT: 194
FNameTemplate: BlattScan\___.txt

(1) If you have a similar instrumental setup and you need to import your image data, please contact Epina. In many cases we can help you to get your data into Epina ImageLab.