Importing Analyze 7.5 Data

Command: File > Import Data > Analyze 7.5

Epina ImageLab allows to import image data stored in the Analyze 7.5 format which has been defined by the Biomedical Imaging Resource at Mayo Clinic.

How To:
  1. Click the command File > Import Data > Analyze 7.5
  2. Select an Analyze 7.5 data file.
  3. Select the spectral type
  4. Optionally edit or enter the sample name and the sample description
  5. Optionally correct the direction of the y axis.
  6. If required, change the assignment of the axes. The order of the axes is denoted by the four characters T (time slots), L (layers), X (horizontal spatial coordinate) and Y (vertical coordinate). (1)
  7. Click "Import Data" to import the selected data

1 Please note that many software implementations do not store the orientation flag in the datafile header. Thus you have to select the appropriate assignments of the axes to get a correct image. The two most common assignments are flagged by the terms "default" and "common".