Declaration: strff(value: real; FieldWidth, DecP: integer): string;
Returns a formatted string representing the floating point number value1). The absolute (positive) value of FieldWidth determines the length of the resulting string, with the numeric characters being aligned to the right within that string. Leading blanks are replaced by zeroes if FieldWidth is negative. The parameter DecP can assume any value between -2 and 18. Values beyond this range are ignored. If DecP is negative, a string using exponential notation is created. For DecP = -2 a special conversion mode is activated which ensures to output only 2 digits for the exponent. In this case a possible overflow of the output format (i.e. for exponents larger than 99) is indicated by creating a string consisting of asterisks only.

1) Please note that the data type "real" is a placeholder and means either "single", "double", or "extended" depending on the declaration of the involved variables.