Declaration: TSpdc.AsString: string;
The function AsString returns the spectral descriptor encoded as a string. The descriptor string is unique and can be used, for example, to store spectral descriptor definitions in a file.

The parameters of the spectral descriptor are separated by pipe symbols (|) and are arranged in the following order:

  1. name of the descriptor (first 20 characters)
  2. version number of the descriptor format
  3. mode of the descriptor
  4. baseline mode
  5. depending on the descriptor mode, a varying list of parameters follows
    1. smPeak: the peak wavelength and optionally baseline definitions (depending on the baseline mode)
    2. smArea: the borders of the area and the number of neighbors for averaging the baseline reference points
    3. smCentroid, smVarDiff: the borders of the region
    4. smVirtSpdc: the formula of the virtual descriptor
    5. smIntGridFilt:
    6. smCorrTempl, smCorrIvTempl: the central peak, the borders of the region and the number of neighbors for averaging the baseline reference points
    7. smTriCorrOnly: the central peak and the borders of the region
    8. smGCorrTempl, smGCorrIvTempl: the borders of the region and the width of the Gaussian peak
    9. smPkRatio: the two peaks and (depending on the baseline mode) optionally the baseline definition
    10. smArRatio: the borders of the two areas and the number of neighbors for averaging the baseline reference points
    11. smDeriv1: the wavelength where the first derivative is calculated and the halfwidth of the smoothing window
  6. the associated spectral group
  7. the spectral type and the order of derivative (separated by a semicolon)
  8. the caption of the descriptor (captions must not contain pipe symbols)
  9. the name of the color map

Example: The following example shows three different spectral descriptors. The second descriptor (DC0042) has an associated color map, the other two use the default color maps:
DC0006|18|smCorrTempl|blNone| 2.954306418E+03| 2.969733605E+03| 2.938879230E+03|3|1|irspec;0|PMMA|
DC0042|18|smArea|blLinear| 3.136849080E+03| 2.973692631E+03|3|1|irspec;0|PS|rainbow_white.colmap
DC0048|18|smPeak|blLinear| 1.722826521E+03| 2.476453929E+03| 1.804404745E+03|4|1|irspec;2|PAN, PPMA|