Declaration: ReadBinaryArrayHeader (FName: string; var NrColumns, NrRows, NrLayers, NrTSlots: integer; var DataID: string; var Format: integer): boolean;
The function ReadBinaryArrayHeader reads the header of the binary data file FName and returns the dimension of the matrix in the variable parameters NrColumns, NrRows, NrLayers and NrTSlots. The variable parameter DataID returns the ID string of the matrix. The Format parameter returns the numeric format:
1 = double
2 = integer
3 = single
4 = int64

The function value returns TRUE if the data in the binary file represents a valid array structure created by one of the following routines: SaveIntMatrixBin, SaveMatrixBin, SaveMat3DBin or TMat4D.SaveBinary.

Hint: The file must not be open when calling ReadBinaryArrayHeader.