Declaration: TMetaData.SetCalibCoeffs(Dim: TDims; idx: integer; Offs, Fact, Shft: double; Coeffs: TDoubleArray; InvOffs, InvFact, InvShft: double; InvCoeffs: TDoubleArray): integer;
Sets the calibration coefficients for a particular axis specified by the parameter Dim. The parameter idx is the (pixel) index along the specified axis. The calibration values contain the parameters of both the forward (pixel index to real-world coordinates, see IndexToWorld) and the reverse calibration (real-world coordinates to pixel index, see WorldToIndex):

Forward calibration:

Offs ... the offset
Fact ... the scale factor
Shft ... the shift factor
Coeffs ... the coefficients of the calibration polynomial (max. order = 6)
Reverse calibration:
InvOffs ... the offset
InvFact ... the scale factor
InvShft ... the shift factor
InvCoeffs ... the coefficients of the calibration polynomial (max. order = 6)

The function returns the following error codes:

 0 ... everything is OK
-1 ... idx is out of range

Hint 1: Please take care that the forward and the reverse calibration are matched. Otherwise the behavior of Epina ImageLab can become erratic.

Hint 2: ATTENTION: The function SetCalibCoeffs does not adjust the table of calibration pieces. Thus you have to call RecalcCalibPieces after the last call of SetCalibCoeffs. If you fail to recalculate the calibration pieces, parts of Epina ImageLab might behave unpredictably.

Hint 3: In order to directly access the metadata of the currently loaded dataset you can use the pre-declared global variable MData.