Declaration: TMetaData.AddToProtocol(Header: string; Params: TStrArray): integer;
Inserts a text at the top of the data description. The text consists of two parts: a headline which is defined by the parameter Header and one or several subtopics which are speficied by the open string array Params. The headline is automatically preceeded by the current date and time and must not be empty. The function returns the following error codes:
 0 .... everything OK
-1 ... the Header parameter is empty

Hint: In order to directly access the metadata of the currently loaded dataset you can use the pre-declared global variable MData.

Example: The statement
AddToProtocol ('Special Processing', ['Param 1 = 20.0', 'Param 2 = 0.0021']);
inserts the following lines into the data description:

2015-11-09 12:13:18: Special Processing

  • Param 1 = 20.0
  • Param 2 = 0.0021