Declaration: FuncMonOut (FuncName: string; Params: array of variant; ReturnValue: integer);
The procedure FuncMonOut allows you to output a function name, its parameters and its return value to the function call monitor. The parameter FuncName contains the function name, the Params array is a variant array containing the parameters of the function, and the parameter ReturnValue contains the integer return value of the function.

The displayed message is structured as follows:

FuncName (Params[0], Params[1], ...): ReturnValue;
Please note that arrays which are passed to the Params parameter are automatically resolved, showing the first 10 elements in each dimension. Elements beyond the 10th element are shown as ellipsis ('...').

Example: Assuming that the variables v (double) and ix (integer) contain the values 44.71 and 9, respectively, the statement
FuncMonOut ('MySpecialCmd', [v,'Par1',ix], -1);
will output the following text in the function call monitor:
MySpecialCmd (4.471E+01,Par1,9): -1

Hint: The output of the procedure FuncMonOut will be suppressed if the function monitor is switched off (see Function Call Monitor and FuncMon for details).