Declaration:TCurveFit.CalcLinFit (var k, d, FitQual: Double);
The procedure CalcLinFit estimates the best fit of a straight line to a sample of two-dimensional data points using linear regression. The line is defined by the equation

y = kx + d.

The data points have to be entered by using the procedure EnterStatValue. A minimum number of 2 values is required in order to apply CalcLinFit. Do not forget to reset the statistics calculation before entering any new data sets (use Init)

The procedure CalcLinFit returns the following parameters: k and d define the slope and the offset of the line, and FitQual returns the goodness of fit of the regression. FitQual equals the square of the correlation coefficient. A good representation of the data samples yields a value near to 1.0 for FitQual.

Hint: The quality of fit calculated by CalcLinFit is not adjusted for the degree of freedoms in the regression parameters.