Declaration: ChartBook.Charts[].Text (x,y: double; size: integer; txt: string; dx, dy: integer; Alignment: TAlignment);
The method Text is used to provide short labels for data points within a chart. It displays the text txt at the position [x,y]. The parameters dx and dy allow to offset the text by a specific number of pixels. The text alignment is specified by the parameter Alignment.

Only the first 15 characters of the text are stored by Epina ImageLab. The size of the font (in points) is determined by the parameter size, its color by the property DataColor.

Hint: The method Text has primarily been designed to label some data by (short) alphanumeric labels. So it is recommended not to use it to display any longer messages within the chart. In order to display more complex user defined labels the array property TextLabels should be used, which provides more flexibility for labeling parts of a chart.