Declaration: ApplyKirschKernel (Kernel: integer; InData: TDouble2DArray; var OutData: TDouble2DArray; Feedback: boolean): integer;
ApplyKirschKernel calculates the convolution of the image InData with one of the eight directional Kirsch kernels (Kernel parameter 0 to 7, see figure below). The results are written into the array OutData which is automatically resized to match the size of InData.

If Feedback is set to TRUE, the progress bar at the bottom of the Epina ImageLab main window indicates the progress of the calculation, if set to FALSE no visual feedback is provided. Please note that unless the script progress bar is already visible you have to make it visible before calling ApplyKirschKernel, otherwise the feedback will not be displayed. You can activate the script progress bar by calling the function ScriptBar(0).

The function returns the following error codes:

 0 ... everything is OK, OutData has been filled by the convolution results
-1 ... invalid Kernel

Hint: The Kirsch kernel has the same effect as the compass kernel, however the effect of the Kirsch kernel is more pronounced.