Declaration: TParticles.CFRawData [ix,iy,clix: integer]: double;
The array property CFRawData provides access to the classifier raw data which have been used to identify the particles. CFRawData has to be loaded by the routine which classifies and/or generates the particles. From the point of view of the TParticles class CFRawData are stricly auxiliary data and are not used by the class TParticles in any way. However, TParticles maintains the size of this array, if you change, for example, the number of classes by adding another particle class the size of CFRawData will be adjusted as well.

The parameters clix, ix and iy specify the class number, and the x- and y-coordinates (in pixel), respectively.

Hint 1: It is not recommended to load the classifier raw data by setting all elements of CFRawData individually. Use the function LoadCFRawData instead.

Hint 2: In order to access the particles currently loaded in the particle editor you can use the pre-declared global variable PEData.