Declaration: TMetaData.LoadPixMask (FName: string; var DataID: string): integer;
Loads the entire set of pixel masks from the binary file specified by FName. The variable parameter DataID contains the identifier of the pixel mask which starts with the substring '$ILABMASK:' followed by the name of the corresponding data file. The DataID parameter can be used to check whether the loaded pixel mask fits to the dataset.

The function returns the following error codes:

 0 ... everything is OK
-1 ... the binary file has an invalid format
-2 ... the size of the loaded pixel mask does not match the currently loaded dataset

Hint 1: Please note that loaded pixel masks will not be visible in Epina ImageLab unless you define the corresponding names of the pixel mask (see property PixMaskNames).

Hint 2: In order to directly access the metadata of the currently loaded dataset you can use the pre-declared global variable MData.