Declaration: GetILabDir(DirIx: TILabDir): string;
Returns the Epina ImageLab system directories. The parameter DirIx controls which directory is returned. An invalid DirIx parameter returns an empty string. Currently the following directories are defined:
idHome the home directory (the folder where Epina ImageLab is installed)
idWork the working directory; this is the default directory for storing data
idCall the path of the script file; this is equivalent to idScript unless a script is loaded and run from a different location using the Epina ImageLab command Setup > Run Admin Script.
idDatabase the database directory; Epina ImageLab databases have to be stored in this directory
idScratch The scratch directory; please keep in mind that files written into this directory will be automatically deleted upon closing Epina ImageLab
idScript The script folder (contains all scripts and import filters). Please note that the script folder may contain subdirectories with additional scripts extracted from installed script packages.
idSpdc The spectral descriptor folder
idCMap The chemical maps directory
idColorPal The color palette directory
idTestData The test dataset folder
idSysTemp Returns the path to the system-managed temporary directory. Files saved here may be deleted between application sessions or system restarts. On Windows Vista or higher it returns the path C:\Users\<User name>\AppData\Local\Temp