Function Call Monitor

The script editor provides a monitor for function calls which outputs the name of the function, its parameters and the associated return code to the console window. The function monitor is intended for debugging purposes and is automatically switched off if the script is started outside the script editor. The return codes are documented in the description of the particular function calls. The monitor can be switched on by ticking the checkbox "monitor function calls". In addition, you can save the function monitor output to disk by activating the checkbox "record function calls on disk". The recorded function calls are written to the file "ilab_funcmonlog.txt" in the working directory.(1)

Alternatively, the monitor can be controlled from within the ILabPascal code by using the command FuncMon. This option can be especially important when monitoring scripts which loop through many iterations as it allows you to avoid flooding the console window with too many recorded calls. In the screenshot below you can see that the function call monitor is switched off at line 72 immediately before the program enters a loop. After the loop the function monitor is switched on again (line 78).

Please note that the monitor checks all but the following function calls:

(1) Please note that recording the function monitor output on disk will slow down your script considerably.