ILabPascal - Special Data Types [T..Z]

In addition to the standard data types of ILabPascal the scripting engine provides several predefined data types which are specifically needed in some function calls.

Declaration Explanation & Details
TTriState = (tsFalse, tsTrue, tsUndefined); Declares the tri-state extension to boolean values (used, for example, by TFeatureMatrix)
TTxtLblAttachMode = (tlamNone, tlamXOnly,
tlamYOnly, tlamBoth);
Declares the types of attaching TextLabels to the chart data:
tlamNone ... the label is not attached at all
tlamXOnly ... the label is attached to the x-coordinates
tlamYOnly ... the label is attached to the y-coordinates
tlamBoth ... the label is attached to both the x- and the y-coordinates
TTxtLblMode = (tlOff, tlsimple, tlBox,
tlUnderline, tlShadow);
Declares the available layouts of TextLabels:
tlOff ... label is switched off
tlSimple ... just text without any lines
tlUnderline ... text is underlined
tlBox ... a rectangular box is drawn around the label
tlShadow ... box label with shadow
TUsMode = (usNone, usSampleHold, usLinInterpol); Specifies the supported upsampling modes of UpsampleSpectra.
TVariantArray = array of variant; Declares an open array of variants.
TVerticalAlignment = (vaTop, vaCenter,
Specifies the possible vertical alignments of TextLabels:
vaTop ... align an item to the top of its container
vaCenter ... align an item to the center of its container
vaBottom ... align an item to the bottom of its container

Last Update: 2018-Aug-31