Command: Tools > Bookmarks

Epina ImageLab provides a simple means to remember particular locations of an image. Whenever you want to come back to a location at a later time you simply set a bookmark either by clicking the "Set Bookmark" button or by selecting the corresponding command of the context menu of the hyperspectral image in the 2D Imager ("Set Bookmark"). This will add the current settings (spatial coordinates, wavelength/mass, time slot) to the list of bookmarks. In addition each bookmark can be accompanied by an arbitary comment which you can enter in the list of bookmarks.

You can filter the bookmark list, so that only part of the bookmarks are displayed. The filter criterion is considered to be a substring of the filename or a substring of the comment. This way you can constrain the list of bookmarks to a particular type of bookmarks. Please note that there are two different modes of filtering: simple substring search and logical search (see Preferences (option "Filter Mode for Text Filters") and Logical Combinations in Filter Expressions for more).

If you double-click a bookmark entry Epina ImageLab loads the corresponding spectrum and shows the location of this spectrum.

Please not that the bookmarking tool is solely intended for navigation in the datasets. If you want to collect spectra for further processing a better tool would be the Spectral Collection tool.