Declaration: TSpdcSet.AssignGroups (MetaData: TMetaData): boolean;
The method AssignGroups tries to assign the spectral group numbers to all descriptors of the collection set using the ContentType and the DerivOrder parameters as criteria. The parameter MetaData contains the meta data of the dataset for which the descriptors are loaded.

The function returns TRUE if everything is OK and the group numbers of the descriptors are assigned, or FALSE if there is a mismatch of the type of spectral descriptors. Group numbers of descriptors which cannot be assigned are set to zero.

Hint 1: Please note that the spectral group numbers of a dataset can change, especially in multi-sensor images. Thus it is important to assign the correct group numbers to spectral descriptors before applying them to the data.

Hint 2: In order to directly access the currently loaded spectral descriptors (those which are displayed in the Spectral Descriptor Editor) you can use the pre-declared global variable SPDCData.