Command: Setup > Update ImageLab

ImageLab automatically checks for newer versions by contacting the ImageLab update server during startup. If a new version is available, the user can either download it or continue using the current version. The update process can also be started manually by clicking the command Setup > Update ImageLab. After downloading the necessary files, ImageLab restarts itself to activate the new version.

Please note that the automatic update requires the directories where ImageLab and its data are installed to be writable. The files needed in order to get the latest release display a check mark left of the file name. You may uncheck a particular file if you want to avoid the download of the new version of this file (for example, in case you are updating ImageLab using an Internet connection with limited speed, you can skip the largest data files). In general, we recommend not to uncheck any of the required files unless there are good reasons to do so.

Hint: Under some circumstances this automatic update mechanism may be blocked by your institution (i.e. if the computer is not allowed to connect to the Internet for security reasons). If you want to receive a notification by email when updates are available you can leave your name and email address in the update notification form.

Last Update: 2020-Apr-23