Declaration: VarInflatFact (Data: TDouble2DArray; VarList: TIntArray; var VIFs: TDoubleArray; Feedback: boolean): integer;
The function VarInflatFactor calculates the variance inflation factors (VIF) of a set of variables of the dataset Data, assuming the matrix Data is organized in a way that the matrix columns are the variables and the rows are the objects. The array VarList specifies the indices (valid range: 0...length(Data)-1) of the variables to be processed.

The calculated VIFs are returned in the array VIFs in the order of the list of indices in VarList. The size of the array VIFs is automatically adjusted to the length of the array VarList. Please note that the returned VIF values are limited to the range 1..1000000. VIFs greater than 1000000 are automatically limited to 1000000 (thus a value of 1000000 can be interpreted as "infinite", indicating perfect collinearity).

If Feedback is set to TRUE, the progress bar at the bottom of the Epina ImageLab main window indicates the progress of the calculation, if set to FALSE no visual feedback is provided.

The function returns the following error codes:

 0 ... everything is OK
-1 ... VarList contains an invalid column index (valid range: 0...length(Data)-1)

Hint: If you set Feedback to TRUE you must make the progress bar visible before calling VarInflatFact. This can be achieved by calling, for example, ShowStatus.