Declaration: ReadLayerOfFile(FName: string; Layer, TSlot: integer; var Data: TDouble2DArray): integer;
Reads a specific layer of a data cube. The parameter FName specifies the filename of the data cube. Please note that this routine accesses the binary data cube directly, thus the filename must contain the full path of the corresponding '.cube' file (and not the '.ilab' file, as it would be the case for normal access). The parameters Layer and TSlot specify the indices of the layer and the timeslot to be retrieved. The layer data are transfered to the variable parameter Data. The size of Data is automatically adjusted.

The function returns the following error codes:

 0 .... everything is OK
-1 ... the file does not exist
-2 ... layer or timeslot are out of range

Last Update: 2018-Jšn-15