Declaration: ReadHeaderOfASC (FName: string; var Comment: string; var NFeat, NObj: integer; var ClInf, NamFeat, NamObj, NominalVars: boolean): integer;
The function ReadHeaderOfASC retrieves the header information of an ASC-formatted data file. The parameter FName defines the name of the file to be read. On return the function delivers an error code and the following header information:

Comment comment line of header
NFeat number of features
NObj number of objects
ClInf TRUE if class info is included
NamFeat TRUE if names are included
NamObj TRUE if object names are included
NominalVars TRUE if at least one of the variables uses a scale type other than stInterval

The function returns the following error codes:

 0 ... everything is OK
-1 ... error in specification of number of features
-2 ... error in specification of number of objects
-3 ... error in ClInf/NamFeat/NamObj/NominalVars flags
-4 ... file stored probably in UNIX format